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Not a Banger

#01 w/ Azabh Dread

Nouvelle émission mensuelle sur Egregore Radio par Azabh Dread.

NOT A BANGER /01 : Spécial DAUW Records

David Andree + Miguel Isaza – Over Land (Left Behind)
Olan Mill – Arpon
The Humble Bee – It was the only thing i ever wanted
Wil Bolton + Leigh Toro – Mindemoya
r beny + øjeRum – Seventh Lasting
Saray Payton & Rutger Zuydervelt – What It Seems to Be (Instrumental)
Olan Mill – Molanret
Stijn Hüwels + Yadayn – Pale Hills
Sokkyo + Masaya Ozaki – Madoromi
Benoît Pioulard + Toàn – Blight in Violet
The Gentleman Losers – Shelter from the Rain
The Humble Bee – It turned to dust in my hand
Stijn Hüwels – Tomodachi (Ralph)
Olan Mill – Anthoe
Olan Mill + Omar El Abd – Sonorous
Stijn Hüwels – Tomodachi (Yves)
The Gentleman Losers – Kingdom of the Wind
The Humble Bee + Aaron Martin – Bloom and Fold