: Azalea Fam #EGRU002 Promomix w/ Azabh Dread

(EN) Egregore Team

has taken upon releasing VA compilations without stylistic borders, exploring new sounds in the electronic music spectrum.
The Unighted line of releases moves on to its second installment, with two of Toulouse’s crews pitted against one another. With each side showcasing their best current tunes, this EP features 3 tracks from each crew.
Being left “Carte Blanche” for this project, here is what Azalea and Collectif Sympa have cooked for us.
! 2 teams, 6 tracks, 2 soundscapes !
Hidden in the Pyrenean mountains, Azalea is a crew of producers, graphic designers and DJs. They put out a webzine focused on low frequencies and contemporary soundsystem culture, along some deep dark releases, and quality mixtapes for the Egregore webradio. / @azalea-ssgc
The survivalists of the urban jungle ! Very active in and around Toulouse, they have the recipe for unexpected and eclectic events, bringing something different to the table at every occasion. We love their futuristic sounds and their raw approach.
Pick a side…or don’t !
Visuals by @klavma
Mastering by @qqant

// Egregore


EGRU002 Azalea vs Sympa

Ruffcast #52 : Grrr & Azalea

Je suis tombé sur Ruffcast il y a un bon moment en trainant sur soundcloud. Je cherchais des podcasts/shows radios sur le Dubstep autre que “One More Tune” sur Rinse FM. À l’écoute du podcast et vu leur actualité sur leur page j’ai assez vite accroché à la ligne directrice. L’émission est tenue par Grrr et ses potes Raja, Vernon et Dbnative sur RCV99FM à Lille, et est diffusée en direct à chaque fois. On vous invite d’ailleurs fortement à les suivre, c’est deux fois par mois en direct, et les podcasts sont disponibles très rapidement après. À chaque fois vous retrouvez une sélection d’un des résidents du crew avec toujours le mix d’un “invité”, et il y a toujours du beau monde ! Soundsystem, Dubstep, Grime. Très récemment ils ont organisé une grosse soirée qui réunissait Sir Spyro et Killa P à Lille, on tenait jsute ici à leur faire un petit big up pour leur implication, sans faille pour la scène. Du coup, ce fut un plaisir immense de participer à l’émission avec un de nos mixs enregistré exprès pour l’émission, avec que des dubplates du crew. Voici le podcast + Tracklist du coup.


Dubtro – Meditation [Mindstep Music]
Cessman – King Of My Mind [Tribe 12 Music]
AxH – Dutty Kong (Alter Echo & E3 Moonrise Remix) [Lion Charge Records]
Distinct Motive – F Class [Deep Dark & Dangerous]
Pugilist – Outback [Artikal Music UK]
Jack Sparrow – Hold and Pull [DEEP MEDi]
Dark Sky – Double U [Tectonic Recordings]
Gantz – Step On Lava [Blacklist]
Sir Spyro – Topper Top ft. Teddy Bruckshot, Lady Chann and Killa P [DEEP MEDi]
Piezo – Space Conjectures [Artikal Music UK]
Gaze Ill – Hydrated [Gourmet Beats]

*AZALEA CREW guest mix (from 32:00′)
Komoa – Ombre Blanche
Skankin T – Boogaloo Steppa
Komoa & GWK – Topeia
Drea100 – Monecam
Drea100 – Untitled
Drea100 – Archar
Komoa – XCP
GWK – Pillars
Skankin T – PDF
Soza – Ally
Komoa – Wodis
Drea100 – Drea101
Skankin T – The Hood
Skankin T – Terreplate
Praoïc – Drone 001

Coki – Mood Dub [DMZ]
Helktram – Alter [Subaltern Records]
Taiko & Darkimh – Unwarp [Infernal Sounds]
Sub Basics – Cartel [Infernal Sounds]
Ollie303 – Glastonbury South East [Trojan Audio]
Shadow People – Destroyed ft Lelijveld [Deep, Dark & Dangerous]
Caspa – Gutter Riddim [Sentry Records]
Samba – Kami [System] : Azalea Fam #16 w/ Komoa

Tracklist – Azalea Fam S02Vol.05 – Vol.16 w/ Komoa

Soza & Soultwist – To Get Mad (dub)
Artikal – Voyager
TMSV – Stress
Flo – Emeria
Artroniks – Mantra
Congi – Alliance
Platypus – Mandalay
Grawinkel & Dub Killer – Anticipate Trouble
Tetrad & Ahkur – Signal (Oldgold Remix)
Teffa – Warped Dub
Boofy – Dead Stylus
Kromestar & Danny Scrilla – Jedeyes
Bisweed – Shelter
Hebbe – Float Yourself
D.Operation Drop – Sativa Team
Babe Roots – Intro
The Bug – Bad
Samba – Light Leak
Abu Ama – The Suizid Labyrinth
Carl Gari & Abdullah Miniawy – Al Weshaya : Azalea Fam #15 w/ Komoa

Tracklist – Azalea Fam S02Vol.05 – Vol.15 w/ Komoa

Azalea – dub
GWK – dub
Azalea – dub
GWK – dub
Azalea – dub
Deadroom – Crashed Weed
Headland – Cold Warning
Quasar & Haze0 – Space Hostility
Geode & Promise One – Buck One
Ether – Formless
Kai Li – Deathcap
Vera Dvale & Psykovarius – Alguse Tolm
Flo – Find Another
Cam Lasky – Rashomon ( Babie Gion Mercy & Sword Mix )
Azalea – dub
Mr.K – One Skin
Blind Prophet & Bukkha – Stone Dub VIP
Kaiju – Justice
Gantz – Sharkeyes Feat Rider Shafiques
Sub Basics – Coma : Azalea Fam #14 w/ Komoa

Tracklist – Azalea Fam S02Vol.04 – Vol.14 w/ Komoa

Azalea – Untitled (Dub)
Distance – Scratch The Surface
Oxossi & Samba – Orbitals
Bengal Sound – Pablo
Jafu – Woozy
Zygos – Gwari
Digital Mystikz – Neverland
Fable – Roots
Monik – Deep Summer
Aardvarck – Six
Aardvarck – Stayput
Aardvarck – O”Malley
Saint Abdullah – Karevaneh Karbala
Young Echo – Voices On The Water
Samba – Turbulence
Zygos – Shivering
Artroniks – Shifted
Kaiju – Sloth
Azalea – Untitled (Dub)
Muslimgauze – We Have Shafika Habibi On Our bus
Saint Abdullah – Mossadegh’s Revenge For 52 : Azalea Fam #13 w/ Komoa



Azalea Fam S02Vol.03 – Vol.13 w/ Komoa

Azalea – ??
Azalea – ??
Pheral – Sanctuary
Bloodklart Fiyah Mandem – Gully Side
Deafblind – Untitled
Elefant Doc & Dillard – 4000
Anex – Corrupted
Azalea – ??
Perverse & Beezy – Cross Examination
Causa – Juce
Young Echo – Umoja
Azalea – ??
Azalea – ??
A.Grade & Juss B – Done Deal
Kaiju – Close Break
Sound Control – Salute The Rockers
Karma – Terrorist
Dubdiggerz – Spear Dub
St. Abdullah – Internal Affairs : Azalea Fam #12 w/ Komoa


Azalea Fam S02Vol.02 – Vol.12 w/ Komoa

Sweepa – Backwash
Quantum Soul – Clear As Dub
Kaiju – Hunter
Flo – Gluestep
Congi & Occult – Only You
Razor Rekta – Aztec
Dubtek – Extention
Kahn & Neek – Damascus
Lamont – In The Field
TMSV – Modification
Inyoka – Peregrine
Jafu & B9 – Zephyr Night
K-Lone – Broke
Juss B – Say You Change
Overlook – Motif
The Law – Emptiness Is Form
Blocks & Escher – Monsters
War – Invisible
Overlook – Scarlett : Azalea Fam #11 w/ Komoa


Tracklist – : Azalea Fam #11 w/ Komoa

Leaf – Snakeweight
Asylum – Hypnosis
Sorrow – The Twelve
Ago – Autumn
LAS – Temper
Digid & Dubbing Sun – Dread Come Again
Kloudmen – Abduction
Formless – Hidden Realm
Wen – Cascade
Nomine Feat Justina – To The Sky
Congi – Torn
Zygos – Karma Dub Part.01
Pugilist – Zulu Blues
Babe Roots – Spiritual Connections
Ishan Sound – Koma
Sleeper & Deadweight – X-Rated
Dubdiggerz – Busted
Taztical – Tiriaki
Muslimgauze – Every Grain Of Palestin : Azalea Fam #10 w/ Davth


Tracklist – : Azalea Fam #10 w/ Davth :

Ripe Up (Pan American Midnight Sun Remix) – Systemwide
Rough Dub – Andy Mac & Catrina Davies
Tierra De Poetas (Vocal Mix) – Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto, Carmelo Torres & A. Sherwood
Easton Horns – Bim One Production ft. Digistep
Quiet Flame – Undefined
Stealth – Dubkasm
Don’t Mash Up Creation – Sharon Little
Rat A Cut Bottle – Lion Youth
Physical – Vivian Jones
Going Is Rough – Home T / Cocoa Tea / Cutty Ranks
Africa – Ranking Dread
95 South Dub (‘Real Rock’ Rhythm) – King Tubby w/ The Roots Radics
Jah Jah Bless Mandella – Tafari & Paul Fox
North Circular Dub (‘No, No, No’ Rhythm) – King Tubby w/ The Roots Radics
After Effect – Undefined
Queen In My Empire – Rhythm & Sound w/ Jennifer Lara : Azalea Fam #09 w/ Davth


Tracklist – : Azalea Fam #09 w/ Davth.

Jabu – // (33rpm)
Raime – Exist In The Repeat Of Practice
El Kid – We Need Mirrors (Killing Sound Remix)
Jabu – //
Badawi – Do We Belong (33rpm)
Jacques Berrocal & David Fenech & Vincent Epplay – Rock’n Roll Station
Jacques Berrocal & David Fenech & Vincent Epplay – Where Flamingoes Fly
Badawi – Do We Belong (45rpm)
El Mahdy Jr – From Hate To Smoke
Badawi – Final Warning
Asda – Spud-U-Like
Ape vs Oa$is – Sleng Again
Trisicloplox – Cafe Blank
Matty G – 50,000 Watts (VIP)
Caspa – For The Kids
Sub Basics – Horus
Goth-Trad – Sinker
Distance – V (Pinch Remix)
Distance – Searching
Skream & Cluekid – Sandsnake
Caspa – Big Headed Slags

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